Our Initiative


World Peace University is dedicated to offering accessible and high-quality education that emphasizes the importance of peace, nonviolent conflict resolution, and sustainable living practices. Through innovative teaching methods and interdisciplinary research, WPU aims to cultivate a new generation of global citizens who are committed to constructing a peaceful and sustainable future. The university envisions a world where education acts as a catalyst for positive social change, empowering individuals and communities alike to address the underlying causes of conflict and inequality. By fostering dialogue, empathy, and cooperation, WPU strives to create a more just, fair, and peaceful world for both present and future generations.

One World Family Home

In a world often fraught with chaos and division, we dream of a sanctuary where peace reigns supreme—a place where weary souls find solace, burdened hearts find respite, and lost spirits find their way back home.

Today, we invite you to be a part of this noble endeavor by supporting the establishment of the "One World Family Home" under the auspices of the World Peace University Foundation.

This sanctuary will be a haven for those seeking peace and harmony, a place where people from all walks of life can come together as one global family. Through your support, we can create a refuge that embraces diversity, fosters understanding, and nurtures compassion. Together, let us build a world where peace prevails and humanity thrives. Join us on this journey towards a better tomorrow.

We Are One World

"We are One World" is a collaborative school-based project aimed at organizing events on the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which means "world is a family". The main objective of this project is to promote global citizenship and foster a culture of peace, brotherhood, and love.

Through various activities and initiatives, the project seeks to bring together students from different backgrounds and cultures, encouraging mutual understanding and respect. By celebrating diversity and promoting inclusivity, "We are One World" aims to create a sense of unity among individuals, emphasizing that we are all part of the same global family.

Together, we can work towards building a harmonious world based on cooperation, compassion, and acceptance.